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Technology Responding To and Supporting Multiple Integrated Resiliencies and Empowerment

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SAMPLE Uganda Aquaculture Association

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  • SAMPLE Uganda Aquaculture Association is a membership social enterprise , started as a collaboration between , Nkumba Community members and Wakiso Integrated Rural Development Association (WIRDA), conceived to support new and existing Ugandan community fish farmers ( students, youth, and women ) who are stuck in their Aquaculture processing systems to unstuck them with affordable & accessible services and technologies using Market-Based Approaches.
  • The global community has a grand plan. By 2030, all hunger should be eradicated. Public funds alone are insufficient to finance it – further funds from the private sector must be mobilised. In order to support people in poorer, rural regions on a long-term basis, SAMPLE Uganda has adopted, among other things, market-based approaches . Our Market-oriented models guarantee that people living in poverty become actors: as customers and consumers, producers, employees or entrepreneurs.
  • SAMPLE Uganda also targets Students through its HOPE Incubator to create the Next generation of Aquaculture processors to get a first foot on the ladder of becoming fully fledged Aquaculture Enterpreneurs with an ability to generate an income for themselves and their families via modern Aquaculture processing .
  • SAMPLE Uganda also provides affordable extension services and products to its 136 Subscribing membership fish farming organizations located in at least 80% of all the Ugandan 146 districts .
  • SAMPLE Uganda believes that simple and affordable technologies can create a great differences among the poor and vulnerable fish farming communities .
  • To that end, SAMPLE Uganda prounds itself as a club member of the Social Entrepreneurship World , with a goal of helping Ugandan small holder farmers overcome constraints and obstacles in fish farming by offering them affordable solutions and products based on affordable and proven local technologies .

Gallery of Activities

In order to Promote the One-Stop-Shop goal of ADMIRE Aquaponics Distribution Model, SAMPLE Uganda undertakes a consortium of Integrated ADMIRE promotional activities. Have a look at a series of these ADMIRE Aquaponics integrated Service delivery activities in the gallery below .


Below are some of ADMIRE Aquaponics Prodducts and Services Offered

Aqua Systems Design (View)

Pond Design, Cage fabrication, Fish Solar Dryers, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Feed Mixers and Micers

Aqua Products (View)

Fry and Fingerlings, feeds, Hapa/cage nets, Feeders , solar dryers, Aqua monitoring kits etc,

Vocational Educational Center (View)

Promoting Aquaculture Wallet Adaptive Technologies for Empowerment and Resilience (Aqua Wallet ) Entrepreneurs .

Schools HOPE Incubator (View)

Promotes the next generation of Fish Farmers .

SAMPLE Uganda Development Market Place (View)

Involves Training and Empowerment .

Fish Farming SACCOs (View)

Promotes Cooperative Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies .

ADMIRE Concept (View)

Democratizes Access to Aquaponics .

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

SAMPLE Uganda works with clients to identify and translate challenges into opportunities .


SAMPLE Uganda Aqua-Entrepreneurship Milestones

Fish Farmers Trained in East & Central Africa(Uganda,Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda,Congo & South Sudan)

Cages, Ponds, Solar Dryers, & Aquaponics Systems Designed for Clients

Local Products (Nets, Mixers, mincers ,Demand Feeders etc) Designed

Over 850 million
Fry and Fingerlings Harvested & Distributed across East & Central Africa.

Jobs Created

Our Portfolio

Below find a few Samples of the ADMIRE Aquaponics Portfolio activities

Call To For Your Action

Inspired and Motivated to come together with SAMPLE Uganda ? Want to Start Small and Earn big in the future ? SAMPLE Uganda is here to help you fulfill your goal ! .

Reports and Other Documentations

Aquaponics Mid-Term Review Report (View)

Commercial Distrubution of Micro-Aquaponics Systems

Annual Report Highlights (View)

ADMIRE Aquaponics, Fry and Fingerlings, feeds, Hapa/cage nets, Feeders , solar dryers, Aqua monitoring kits etc,

ADMIRE Poster Presentation (View)

Presentation of the ADMIRE Project Preparatory Activities .

Schools HOPE Incubator (View)

Promotes the next generation of Fish Farmers .

The Senior Team

Michael Kintu (Ph.d)

Executive Director/CEO

Namukasa Sylvia


Ssegirinya Tony

Micro Aquaponics Systems Designer

Mbaziira John Bosco

Quality Assurance/Trainer

Contact Us

You may reach us using the physical address and phone number below , otherwise we advise you to use the E-mail contact below .


SAMPLE Uganda , Bwaise Town Center, Nkumba University Bwaise Close, Off-Kampala-Entebbe Express High



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